About 30 percent of Americans suffer from allergies, according to WebMD. That’s nothing to sneeze at, pardon the pun! Itchy, watery eyes, runny noses, sneezing and other symptoms can be annoying at best.

What does this have to do with your vacation rental, you ask? More than you might think. If you’re trying to curate an optimal experience for your guests, you need to be mindful of such considerations. Here’s how you can make your property more amenable to people with allergies.

  • Clean floors can mean fewer allergens. Dirt and other pollutants make their way into our home via our feet. Frequent vacuuming and mopping can help keep irritants at bay. Also, consider instituting a “no shoes” policy on your property to help reduce dust and dirt.
  • Proper humidity. Your property can benefit from a healthy amount of humidity. Keeping humidity levels below 50 percent can help reduce dust and allergens. If you have high humidity in your home, a dehumidifier can help manage humidity levels indoors.
  • Hardwood. Although budget-friendly, carpet is notorious for trapping particles. Hardwood, on the other hand, is better for high-traffic venues like vacation rentals. Consider swapping out carpet for this flooring instead and your guests can breathe a little easier.
  • Clean air. An in-home air purification system can help reduce the severity of allergy systems for your guests. These systems can help reduce the amount of dust mites and pollen in the air, as well as help keep other surfaces clean.
  • Airtight windows and doors. If air can blow in around windows and doors, then so can dust. Make sure seals around doors and windows are airtight. (Bonus: this will also help with energy efficiency!)
  • Allergy-friendly bedding: Hypoallergenic mattress and pillow covers can keep dust and debris out.

Allergies are no fun. Make sure your property isn’t a nightmare for allergy sufferers. Don’t leave anything to chance and you’ll be rewarded in the form of repeat bookings and referrals. It’s a smart move. You know what else is smart? Bringing in help so you can ensure you provide the best guest experience possible, each and every time.

But where to begin? Turn to an expert partner, like us. We not only focus on helping you to increase your portfolio but also on how to offer an unforgettable and smooth experience to your guests. Leave your worries behind and let us protect and maximize your investment.