Someone posted a negative review of your property online for all the world to see. Yikes! Your first instinct might be to get angry, but we encourage you to take a step back before you do anything rash. Acting on anger usually doesn’t end well. However, there are ways you can respond that will serve you well in the end. Here’s how to handle such an incident with grace under fire:


Take ownership.
The most imprudent thing you can do is go on the defensive and attack the reviewer publicly. This can very quickly become a PR disaster and exacerbate the situation. If you need to cool down, don’t be hasty, take a few hours to mull over your response. Responding in a timely manner, say within 24 hours, shows that you’re willing to get in front of the issue, not hide from it. What’s most important is that you make a point to respond to comments graciously and do whatever you can do to fix the situation and appease the aggrieved party. Also, be sure that you’re professional and that you keep the tone upbeat.

Another thought: If the previously upset customer is satisfied with the resolution, you may consider asking him or her to write another review reflecting that. Such an action can help your cause, too, because it adds to the volume of reviews as well as boosts your credibility.


Remember that negative feedback can be constructive.
Sometimes, we forget that negative feedback can actually be more helpful than affirmation because it can show us where there’s room to grow. Express sincere appreciation for the review and explain how you’re going to use the critique to do better. Then, be sure to follow through! Even if the customer isn’t privy to your effort, it’s still worth putting in the work.


Seek out reviews from happy customers.
Unfortunately, negative reviews cannot be erased. After all, it’s said that the internet is written in pen. Once posted, they have staying power. However, you can raise your review average by encouraging some of your satisfied customers to leave positive reviews for you. Eventually, good reviews will dilute the bad ones. Let past guests know how much the reviews mean to you as a small business owner so they make it a higher priority.


It should be mentioned that a bad review can be a sign that you’re overextended. It’s OK to ask for help! Turn to an expert partner, like us. We not only focus on helping you to increase your portfolio but also on how to offer an unforgettable and smooth experience to your guests. Leave your worries behind and let us protect and maximize your investment while you partner with a company committed to fulfilling a Brand Promise of honesty and integrity. Give us a call today.