You want happy guests because happy guests equate to more bookings. Guests that are pleased are more likely to rebook with you and leave you good reviews. Plus, they’ll most likely tell their friends and family about you. Simply put, a great guest experience sells.

There are many things you can do to help improve the stay of your guests. Of course, amenities are important to consider. You can make your place a little extra special with a patio furniture, nice appliances and comfortable or stylish furniture. A gift basket upon arrival can also be a nice touch. But, don’t forget the importance of property maintenance.

Guests expect to come into a vacation home that is beautiful and well-maintained. An immaculate space will make them feel comfortable and ready to take it easy. Everything should be in working condition, so your guests can go about enjoying their vacation without worrying about calling to get something fixed.

Nothing can sour an experience quite like things not working as they should or guests having to clean up after someone else’s mess. On the flip side, giving a home a thorough clean, checking to make sure everything is working correctly and updating anything that is outdated can have the opposite effect. Guests will be impressed with your cleanliness and eye for detail. They’ll truly feel like you care about providing a great experience and they’ll want to come back.

If the unfortunate should happen, and something stops working properly, while a guest is in the residence, it’s important to take care of it as soon as possible. You don’t want a guest waiting too long for the correction to be made. It could be something they rely on, such as a kitchen appliance or a reason they chose your property, such as the hot tub. If there’s a way to have the item fixed promptly, it can help improve the experience and keep your guests happy.

We understand that it can be difficult to keep up with the demands and respond to immediate needs. That’s why we’re here. Just like you, we want your guests to enjoy their stay and to go home happy. Not only can we make sure your home is immaculate, but that it’s properly maintained, including preventative maintenance. It’s our goal to think about every detail and provide your guests with the best experience so you can get more bookings. Please contact us to learn more: https://www.summitcoloradovacationmanagement.com/.